Cesair Album Release Party with special guest: Irfan (BG)

world fusion, mithic music

Zaal open: 20:00 uur | Entree: € 10.00 | Voorverkoop: € 8.00 | Tickets kopen

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Ever since mankind learned how to speak, stories have been shared and passed down through generations. As such, legends gave birth to epic songs. It is this manner of storytelling that lies at the heart of Cesair's music. As a band, they aim to bring to life the epic tale of the eponymous Cesair, a mythological princess that sailed the oceans 5,000 years ago. They set to music the chapters of her story, captured by the words of many romantic souls, with unique, original compositions, performed on a great variety of instruments. Their music incorporates the musical, spiritual and historical heritage of cultures from all around the Orient and Occident, creating a mixture of eastern sounds and rhythms and traditional as well as modern European folk music. They invite you to join them in a world of timeless adventures and colourful characters, and to take part in a story that may last a lifetime.

This night Cesair will release their second full lenght  “Omphalos”. 




IRFAN’s music is an unique blend of hypnotizing melodies and rhythms - an electro-acoustic World Fusion inspired by the sacred and folk music traditions of the Balkans, Persia, the Middle East, the Orthodox chanting and the musical heritage of Byzantium and Medieval Europe. Getting strength from their Bulgarian roots the band incorporates the timeless and rich sound of the renowned Bulgarian traditional music and harmonies into deep and mesmerizing electronic soundscapes and asymmetric percussive beats. One of the main features of IRFAN is the extensive use of the exceptionally beautiful ethnic female vocals and strong male vocals and choirs accompanied by a great variety of traditional Bulgarian, Balkan and Oriental string instruments (oud, baglama saz, santour), wind and key instruments (kaval, nay, duduk; harmonium) and percussions (darbouka, daf, bodhran, riq). The combination blossoms into an original World fusion that blends the Neo Folk and Gothic/Ethereal Wavematrix with the Oriental mysticism, the Balkan tunes and the Medieval romance into a captivating sound of crystalline beauty. The name of the band, which originates from Sufism, represents the notion of “gnosis” and “mystical knowledge” and perfectly stands for the unique experience and mystical, ethereal atmosphere created by their music. IRFAN’s recordings and the live performances lead the audience through an emotional and spiritual journey beyond space and time. 

Cesair  Album Release Party with special guest: Irfan (BG)