Varukers (UK) + Slavery Farm


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The Varukers (UK) 
Original gangsters of punk/metal crossover, THE VARUKERS formed in 1979 in the same musical family that would spawn DISCHARGE, CHAOS UK and AMEBIX, blending spit-drenched punk rock intensity with a heavy metal wall of sound and unrelenting drum battery. 

Initially known as The Veruccas, the band altered the spelling of their name to "The Varukers" in order to convey more aggression. When recording in the early 1980s, they were part of a broader trend known as "UK 82", Second Generation Punk, or UK Hardcore. Bands such as The Varukers, Discharge, Chaos UK, Amebix, and Charged GBH took the existing 1977-era punk sound and melded it with the incessant, heavy drumbeats and "wall of sound" distortion guitar sound of New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) bands such as Motörhead. The new, harder-edged style also tended to use much darker, more nihilistic, and more violent lyrics, and vocals were often shouted rather than sung. 

De authentieke punk/metal gangsters bestaan al sinds 1979. Geïnspireerd door Discharge, Chaos (UK) en AMEBIX combineren ze intense punk rock. In combinatie met hun vurige drum moet dit zeker voor een feest gaan zorgen!

Bij hun begin in de jaren ‘80 zijn ze veel beïnvloed door de UK Hardcore. Inmiddels heeft de band een harder randje, met een donkerdere sfeer en heerlijk agressieve teksten. Liefhebbers van Motörhead kunnen dit concert niet zomaar voorbij laten gaan!


Slavery Farm

Slavery Farm (Rotterdam) is a cohesive tank of crushing brutal loudness with an overwhelming energetic impact. Their shows will surround you with a cloud of thundering and aggressive d-beat. Experience this musical expression of anger, frustration and despair. 

There were different members over the years, the music became more mature and the songs evolved more towards crust/d-beat. After some line-up changes they decided to call the band Slavery Farm (referring to our existence on earth). They recorded a Do It Yourself three-track demo and their debut album with this latest line-up. 

Varukers (UK) + Slavery Farm