FORMS present 'The King Of Bass' 2019

drum & bass

Zaal open: 23:00 uur

‘THE KING OF BASS’ 2019 !!

It has been a bit quiet around Forms lately but as you all know, quality needs some time to be well crafted :)

We are busy with a couple of events but this one will bring it straight to the point:

The King of Bass 2019.
Forms is proud to present another classic to you, a bass-filled night at the Willemeen with our brothers from Work Them & Sauce.
We also made some new friends in the meanwhile that offered us a PROPER warm-up session at a different location BEFORE our party at the Willemeen. BOOOM!!!!

A day of serious BASS for the King of the Netherlands and even more important —> for all of you crazy ravers !!

On Friday, the 26th of April we will invite you to a quality DJ line-up driven by the finest in bass music on two different floors (and a Forms exclusive outside stage session before :)
Ooh, there might be something going on the next day as well...
Better pin this one down in your agenda - believe us - it worth it!

More info to be announced very soooooon!

FORMS present 'The King Of Bass' 2019