Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot: Mutant BASS Outreach in Brigant

breakcore, footwork, early hardcore, basisbass, live electronics, spacebass, cuntcore,

Open: 23:00 uur | Entree: € 5.00

NYMNYR (Ernhem) ism S.P.A.Z. (Oakland USA) presenteren in Brigant met wat hulp vanuit Willemeen:

|||||||||| MUTANT BASS OUTREACH |||||||||||

| breakcore | footwork | glitch | chiptune | powernoise | early hardcore | spacebass | free-tekno | live electronics | speedcore | EDMrap | splitter ambient | hardtechno | breakbeatschlager | basisbasss | cuntcore | 

******************** L I N E U P ******************

Bart Hard AKA Bart Acid AKA DJ Hartpumper AKA DJ Bart Hard nymnyr crew DJ dropt een experimental set met platen uit zijn serieus indrukwekkende muziek collectie dus wees op tijd! dit gaat alle kanten op maar klopt helemaal en dat is knap werk!



Some of the following is true:
Whatever Your Heart Desires is Jonah Mociun, a 19-year-old asexual cyborg orphan Eskimo. Raised on an anarchist commune which was eventually infiltrated and dismantled by Malaysian nihilists, she fled from her home at the age of 9, hopping a train from Alaska to South Central, California, where she lived in a refrigerator box and gradually taught herself to tap-dance using soda cans as shoes. Busking on the streets by day, and prostituting himself by night, Jonah eventually raised enough funds to purchase a stolen iPhone, with which he began composing music on an app called FunkyBeatz. Relocating to Oaxaca, Mexico at the age of 10, living under a banana tree, surviving mainly on wildcrafted fruits, leaves and insects, Mociun spent the next 13 years creating the music you hear today. Drawing her influences from old school hip hop, hardcore punk, and Japanese footwork, Whatever Your Heart Desires is Jonah’s best attempt at challenging mainstream EDM music.

This is the first and last project by MC Dissolving Soap Sliver. It's about a personal apocalypse; laying the past to rest (hopefully making way for a rebirth). Lyrically it's a purging of negative ideas and emotions; a meditation on mortality. Sonically it's based on styles and samples of my oldest musical influences, mid-80's to early 90's rap, processed, chopped and distorted to the extreme.


Sometimes based in Oakland,California, the semi-nomadic Spukkin Faceship traces his roots in bass-oriented music culture to the early 90’s London squat party scene. Relocation to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1993 led to the formation of the S.P.A.Z. collective and 15 years of community organizing around art and music events, with a steady output of diverse releases on labels such as Digidub,IOT and Konundrum.
zijn linkedin profiel zegt eigenlijk al genoeg:


**PINK ABDUCTION RAY AKA Tleilaxu Music Machine (USA)
Piercing through the ocean of static surrounding our planet, this rogue transmission of unpredictable, hybrid electronics by LA's Pink Abduction Ray is on a trajectory to inject a new pulse into the rhythm of bodies comfortably settled into their stable orbits. These five beacons of sound radiate with a force that emphasizes just how much exploration is yet to take place within the dark vastness of both inner and outer space.


Terwijl dit feest in volle gang is zijn er ook mensen die lekker in zo'n vakantiehuis met een royaal zwembad zitten. En in een jacuzzi met een cocktail in de hand genieten van prachtige vergezichten in de Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.


**DJ 0.000001 (USA)
Deejaayy one millionth mashupmastermind. Don't tell anyone, but DJ 0.000001 (one-millionth) is Th' Mole in disguise; a bass-oozing one-man army of laptop man-handling, also featuring video-game controllers and live keypad drumming. Successful Ringtone wholesaler in his freetime. Music from DJ 0.000001 is scientifically designed to make you happier, stronger, and more beautiful.


HARD HARDER HARDERDER zo zou je de set van Nano.Strike kunnen omschrijven dit is de eind v/d avond mss wel het einde van de wereld: TOTAL KNOCK-OUT SET! voor die mensen die niet kunnen stoppen die tot het gaatje willen voor de laatst nog overgebleven die-hards!!!

--- 5 EURO || 23:00 – 04:00 || BRIGANT || alleen deurverkoop ---

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Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot: Mutant BASS Outreach in Brigant