Junior Kelly (JAM) + Jahbar I (JAM) + Fireman Crew

reggae, dancehall, urban

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Junior Kelly draait al een aantal decennia mee in de reggae-scene. Sinds zijn debuut heeft hij een opeenvolging van hit singles en verschillende albums uitgebracht. Junior Kelly is een van de vele Jamaicaanse zangers die rootsreggae een impuls hebben gegeven. Onder andere door zijn mix van oude reggae en nieuwe dancehall perfect in elkaar over te laten lopen.


Met zijn laatste album "Urban Poet" - dat Junior Kelly omschrijft als "Pop Culture" gaat de Jamaicaanse zanger een hele andere kant op. Deze plaat is de plek waar Roots & Culture Pop elkaar ontmoeten. Het is een eclectische mix van geluiden die opwindend muzikaal vakmanschap en vocaal kunstenaarschap op zijn best combineren. 

Support op deze avond is Jahbar I. Als zoon z van een van Jamaica's meest gerespecteerde muzikanten George Miller aka "Dusty" Drummer en bandleader van de legendarische #FirehouseCrew, was het natuurlijk dat te verwachten dat Jahbar het pad van zijn vader zou volgen. Net 21 en hij heeft al een aantal nummers opgenomen voor Jamaicaanse en Europese producenten. Waarmee hij al veel indruk heeft achtergelaten op zijn leeftijd. 

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OVER 15 albums and 1,000 singles released !!! Millions of albums and singles sold globally! It is no exaggeration to state that Junior Kelly is a Reggae Legend & Superstar with worldwide monster hits (Love So Nice, Receive, Missing You, Sunshine, Baby Can we Meet, More I See Her, Dem Story, Boom Draw, Black Am I, Tough Life, You can Make It, Rasta Should Be Deeper, Blaze and many others...) has conquered many global charts & people’s hearts in The Caribbean, Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia for more than a decade! Behind this prodigious success lies a story which in itself is remarkable...

Junior Kelly is the last Reggae Artiste to have a Song @ Number#1 for 15 weeks On the Jamaican charts and a total of 52 weeks on the Jamaican charts, transforming the Reggae landscape in the year 2000 with the universal question everyone asks themselves at some point…”If love so nice, tell me why it hurts so bad?!” This has led him to become one of the most influential figures in REGGAE Music worldwide!

The Urban Poet Junior Kelly, who is among Jamaica’s finest Conscious Voices, Songwriter extraordinaire and Reggae Music’s most prolific exponent, released his 10th studio album“Urban Poet”forAustrian based label Irie Vibrations.The album is a masterpiece that Junior Kelly describes as “Pop Culture”,where Roots & Culturemeets Pop. It is an eclectic mixture of sounds combining incredible live riddims, exciting musicianship and vocal artistry at its best. Junior Kelly was extremely happy with the outcome,as it was the first time he was able to have such artistic freedom.




Brilliant, passionate, artistic, militant and energetic are some of the words used to describe Jahbar I. His love for music was shown at an early age, as he started playing the drums having watched his father playing in The Firehouse Crew. Jabari Miller aka Jahbar I was born August 25, 1995 in St. Andrew, Jamaica and raised in St. Catherine.
His father who is a great producer of music and the drummer in the Firehouse Crew opened the avenue for him to make numerous appearances on stage at an early age, alongside Luciano, Dean Fraser and The Firehouse Crew; dancing away and holding a vibration to the sounds of great reggae music. He often accompanied his father to frequent studio sessions as he became a part of the musical family. At the age of ten he began playing the drums on various studio recordings for artistes such as Gentleman, Sizzla and other Japanese artists.
During his chief years at high school he was a member of a group known as the Knock Out Crew, which was a group of brothers who expressed and shared their love of music. After the passing of his close friend Kimali Flex Waysome, he penned the song ‘Tribute to Kimali’, in his honour and this seemed to spark his consciousness even more. 
In late 2012, on working with his father, producer George ‘Dusty’ Miller, he has since released two songs titled, I Just Be Me, on the Re-Birth Riddim, and The Chant (I Fawud), on the Ansa Di Question Riddim, which have both been enlisted on itunes. Up to date he has done a collaboraion with An African Artiste called Kaya, titled Red Gold and Green and has recently release a new single entitled Keep Smiling. Currently he is in the studio working on new projects to reach the ears of the massive.
His unique style of music and lyrics stems from the use of his senses along with the essence of life and nature. Jabari Miller aka Jahbar I is a son of the universe who is mystical, black and loves and sees music as the effervescent life flow of energy across all space and time.


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Junior Kelly (JAM) + Jahbar I (JAM) + Fireman Crew