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VVK: 12 euro

Deur: 14 euro

Grindfeast XL is back, edition #6 it is and we're ready to Grind our headquarters in Arnhem to shreds once more!

The boys in Kaasschaaf Party Grind are still going strong and are still throwing some neat Grind, Goregrind and Brutal Death Metal party's under the banner of Grindfeast Events. People who know either the band or the party's we throw, know you're up for some good time with blastbeats, friends, confetti, circlepits and all out fun!

We're starting to announce the bands early 2019, so check this event page and for updates!

For those who don't know the Grindfeast party's we throw, here's a small compilation video from our last edition:

CREPITATION- All the way from England, these lads play their slamming grindcore brutality all across Europe. With many a festival already on their conto, Grindfeast XL is the next place they gonna destroy.

Basement Torture Killings- Hailing from London, they bring their bloody snuff grind to the masses. Non compromising, blood and gory shows, these guys and gal know how we like our grindcore in Arnhem, with blood and entrails, lots of it!

Placenta Powerfist- From Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany, these slam boys knows what it takes to bring a steaming circle pit to the crowd. We all remember their show with Vulvodynia last year, where they showed so much energy they almost destroyed the café!

stoma grindcore- One of the most iconic Dutch grindcore bands are back in Arnhem to bring their filthy tunes back to Willemeen. For more than 20 years, they brought their music to stages all across the world. These veterans from Friesland are going hard and showing no remorse at all!

Begging for Incest- German Slam metal machine are coming back to Willemeen. Slow moving circlepit expected from this band that played nearly everywhere in Europe.

Suffering Quota- Fast, deadly grindcore from the north of the Netherlands. Prepare for some ultra violence, fast shredding riffs that will make you yearn for more!

Fools Regiment- New grindcore band based in Arnhem. These lads are hardcore visitors to the Grindfeast shows and got the idea of forming a band. This will be their second show ever.

Volière - The untaggable band, hailing from Belgium. Songs about birds and chicks. Packed in a fat sauce of juicy slam riffs, these Belgians are a sight to behold!

Klysma - New project from some of the hardcore members of the Belgium grind scene. They don't do that much live shows, so we're stoked to have them. Their mix of goregrind and slam is a surprise that feels really good!

Kaasschaaf Party Grind - Hosts of the evening. Known for their years of mischeif caused around the Dutch scene and of course their party's they throw in their hometown.