ék (HU) + Let's Get Lost

indie rock

Cafe open: 20:00 uur | Voorverkoop: € 6.00 | Tickets kopen
Ék is a four piece rock band from Budapest.
Imagine how it feels floating weightlessly in a misty forest. The feeling when you realize how small you are while standing in front of the greatest mountains. The taste of the last sip of beer at dawn after breaking up with a loved one. Standing next to screaming amps but listening to the heartbeats of the crowd.
Loud and provocative, silent and retractive.
These four guys take one deep breath at the beginning, and breathe out together at the end of the show.
That's ék.

Over the last six years ék has increasingly proved themselves by having earned gigs on Hungary's most important stages. Nowadays they are an inescapable part of Budapest's club scene, while continuosly gaining audience in the countryside as well.
Nowadays the band is working on their third LP, which will be released in spring 2020. Moreover, they are preparing theit first international tour covering gigs in the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France.
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ék (HU) + Let's Get Losték (HU) + Let's Get Lost