Lifelong (EP Release show) + Bismut + Dreckneck

stoner, hc

Cafe open: 20:00 uur | Entree: € 5.00
After ripping off their old hardcore skin their stoner skin became solid and
mature which you can hear on the debut CD ‘Seul Contre Tous’. Today is the
release show to celebrate the release of this album. Expect a set full of heavy
stoner brought with a hardcore attitude.

One of the best products of the stoner scene in Nijmegen is the mighty Bismut.
After releasing their debut full-lengt Schwerpunkt in 2018 they proved to be a
kick-ass live band at festivals like Into the Void, Desertfest and Zwarte Cross.
Expect stoner, psych, desert rock and all other kinds of heavy shit! TRIPPY!
What’s a better way to start this night with some headbanging? Dreckneck will
provide you the perfect stoner tunes. By adding a second guitarist their sound
became even more fat, heavy and dynamic. If you’re a fan of Orange Goblin or
Kyuss you can’t miss this band. If you’re not, you can’t either.

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Lifelong (EP Release show) + Bismut + Dreckneck